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Being Olivia Podcast

Podcast promotes healing and wholistic living for womxn of color and diverse backgrounds. 

Jazzmine Olivia enters her 30s in the process of healing as a black woman. Follow her on her journey as she heals from trauma, explores relationships and self, and comes into her newfound strength as an advocate, entrepreneur, and educator.

Lotus Sisters

Womxn Building Bonds Through Culturally Centered Books

Virtual book club meet-up for womxn of color to read, dialogue and build support networks through books. The meet-ups take place virtually during summer months (May - August).

"Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot"

Mikki Kendall

Rural Black Doula Chronicles

Upcoming LIVE


Rural Black Doula Chronicles: Aunt Flo

Tuesday, March 17th 

7 pm CST

Jai Olive Wellness Facebook LIVE

Do you remember the first time you had your period? I do. Ever since that day, for the majority of my life, I learned to hate 'that time of the month'. How does this destroy our ability to know and understand our bodies?

Jazzmine will talk about her relationship with her period, the road to healing the womb and ways to promote period love (while hating it).


What is Reproductive Health? on Facebook LIVE

Dissociation of the Body and Mind

@Feminist Friday at Iowa State University Sloss House