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Laying the groundwork for improving health outcomes and experiences.

Tina Branch

Founder & CEO of Project Motherhood IA

Project Motherhood IA envisions a world where every family has access to the resources, support, and opportunities they need to overcome Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. We strive to be a leading organization in the family support field by constantly innovating, collaborating, and advocating for families.

Join Project Motherhood Perinatal Peer Support Groups held the 2nd Wednesday of every month, Project Motherhood perinatal peer support group caters to individuals who are expecting or have recently become parents.

Des Moines, IA

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Mobile Doula Clinic

Jai Olive Wellness will be offering donation-based mobile doula clinic services featuring 1:1 birth planning support and workshops for families within the Black/African Descent, Latinx, and Asian and Pacific Islander communities. 

More Coming Soon

Image by Lawrence Crayton

Jazzmine Brooks

Rural Black Doula

Rural Black Doula will be providing donation-based workshops related to postpartum, lactation, and infant care.

Join the Overnight Oats Program and support group coming Fall 2024.

Follow Sweet Milk & Oats to connect to lactation services and postpartum doula support.

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Doula Agency

Birth & Postpartum Support

Jai Olive Wellness wants to connect with local doulas who offer services and support for your perinatal journey. 

We will feature local doulas that serve Polk County and surrounding county areas.

More Coming Soon!


Image by Garrett Jackson
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