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Jai Olive Doula Clinic is AVAILABLE NOW!

Have questions? Connect with me at Jai Olive Doula Clinic
With the Jai Olive Doula Clinic, you can connect for a scheduled drop-in visit to answer your biggest questions.
Doula Clinic Consultations may cover topics such as:
Reproductive health and sex education, pregnancy prep, fertility complications, and treatment
Birth preference planning and informed consent
Comfort measures and pain management
Nutrition and movement for birth and postpartum
Fourth trimester planning
Baby feeding education and planning
Q&A for your providers, hospitals, and birth centers.

There is no limitation to this connection. We are here to help guide you through any journey.
You do not have to be a client to get your question answered by Jai Olive.
We are here for you. 
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Ask about FREE DOULA SERVICES today!

Connect with or contact (515)558-9946 to learn about free birth doula services for African American and Black-identified pregnant people in Iowa. 

Need a referral?

Jai Olive Wellness wants to connect you to cultural-based services. 

Thanks for submitting! We will respond within 48 hours. Feel free to email us at if you have more questions.

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