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Doula Jazzmine's "Rural Black Doula" is a Black birth scholar and cultural archivist researching Black midwife's reclamation of traditional birth practices. Doula Jazzmine has extensive experience collaborating with organizations on designing equity spaces that center culture, liberatory practices, and Black + Brown spirits in building toward a safer, culturally conscious, and representative space for birth. 

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Speaking Engagement

2022 Iowa Civil & Human Rights Symposium

Session Title: Healthcare at the Intersections

COVID-19 exposed how vulnerable populations are at greater risk when quality, accessible, culturally conscious, and person-centered services and support are not available. In this session, the facilitator will share their work in supporting folks at the intersections of race, gender, ability, spirituality, sexual orientation, citizenship status, and class. We'll identify the challenges of navigating health and social services, and how to better create informative policies and practices that support BIPOC people and their families. 

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