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Our Story

The Jai Olive Wellness Journey

Hi! I'm Jazzmine Brooks, your Fertility and Birth Doula. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but call Las Vegas, Nevada home. As a midwest native, I consider myself a woman of the land and for its people. Birth work is important to me and helping families to create a positive birth experience brings me joy. I am a wife, a daughter, a furmom, and a best friend. 

I got into this work to promote holistic living for rural women, womxn of color and diverse backgrounds. I felt a connection to being a part of the solution when it comes to birth parents' voices being heard in the birthing room and having support through fertility, pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. 

I believe in empowering womxn by leading with love and care, as well as providing evidence-based knowledge to help guide birth parent(s) to making informed decisions about their care. As the owner of Jai Olive, I value creating space for womxn beyond my fertility and birth services. I organize a national summer book club (Lotus Sisters) and host the Being Olivia podcast. This podcast addresses issues related to womxn’s mental and spiritual health. 
I began my work as a sexual health advocate and K-12/College health promotion professional. I have over 10 years of experience working with diverse communities such as religious/spiritually connected individuals, LGBTQIA+ community, person(s) with disability, and person(s) of immigrant status.  I also work with families that have experienced pregnancy and infant loss, as well as supporting trauma-survivors.

I was trained in 2019 by the National Black Doulas Association and I am currently being mentored by a Des Moines, Iowa Doula, Emily Alberhasky (10+ years of experience), to complete my certification. I continue to educate myself through development opportunities (ex. herbalism, womb health and healing, evidence-based birth, birth at various body sizes and conditions, etc.) that allow me to provide the best services to clients. 

Let's chat! I'd love to support you on your next journey!