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Our Story

The Jai Olive Wellness Journey

Jazzmine Brooks is a Health Educator, Fertility and Birth Doula, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, and community advocate. As the owner of Jai Olive Wellness she promotes wholistic living for womxn of color and diverse backgrounds. 
Brooks believes in empowering Black, Indigenous and womxn of color through community, support and resources. Powered by the desire to address Black women’s maternal health, she creates space for womxn to control their own narratives and to share their own stories. Jai Olive Wellness provides fertility and birth services, organizes a national summer book club (Lotus Sisters), as well as host the Being Olivia podcast. This podcast addresses issues related to womxn’s mental and spiritual health. 
Brooks first began her work as a sexual health educator and K-12/College health promotion professional. She is trained in working with diverse communities such as religious/spiritually connected individuals, LGBTQ+, person(s) with disability, and person(s) of immigrant status.  Brooks also works with families that have experienced pregnancy and infant loss, as well as a supporting trauma-survivors.