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Jai Olive Mentorship

Jai Olive is about moving doula mentorship beyond an individual providing knowledge and experience, to emphasizing cultivating and nurturing a community of trust that allows for a deeper impact on birthing outcomes and doula retention. We achieve this through listening with empathy and shared experiences, developing insight through reflection, and empowering doulas to achieve personal goals. Each mentor/mentee relationship begins with a mutual agreement that states expectations, values, and respect. Mentorship includes topics such as business and career development, evidence-based knowledge and skills, cultural and resource exchange, networking, and navigating and adjusting to doula-ing as a full-time or part-time employee. Jai Olive is only offering mentoring through the Title V and Healthy Start & Empowerment doula programs.

Talking on the Phone

Jai Olive Doula Mentoring

Doula Project Mentoring is a form of mentoring that is a shared experience between a certified doula mentor and certifying doula mentee to provide support and guidance along the way in caring for clients and the doulas’ well-being. Each doula mentoring dynamic will be unique in information and time. Mentors are to be a valuable resource, listening ear, cultural support, and a source of knowledge and experience. 

  • Regular one-on-one sessions (3x)

  • Virtual assistance during and after client meetings

  • Access to educational tools and resources

  • Skills training on interviewing, client appointments, labor and delivery, and postpartum and infant care.

  • Business and customer service support and training

  • Assistance with doula certification 

  • Cohort-based development and skills training


*Jai Olive mentoring only offered through Title V Doula Project for African-American/Black families and Healthy Start & Empowerment  Doula Project.

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