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Jai's Doula Services

Doulaing: The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting a birthing parent (and family) prenatally before labor, childbirth and after. 

Serving Ames/Ankeny/Des Moines and surrounding areas​

Trained by the National Black Doulas Association

Emily Alberhasky, Des Moines Doula Mentor (10+ years of experience) 

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Birth Consultation

Client-Centered Conversation to establish needs, understanding doula support, review services, and most importantly, building a connection.


Jai's Birth Support Workshop

Coming Summer/Fall 2020

Join this doula-facilitated in-person class where we assist the birthing parent and their families in preparation for their upcoming birth. Learn about birth planning and intervention, comfort measures, nutritional care, labor, and delivery as well as necessary support for postpartum care.

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Birth Support

A Birth Doula assists a birthing parent and family before and during childbirth. I provide non-medical emotional and physical support during pregnancy and the birthing process. The Doula works beside your birth team, and are there to assist the mom and support her helpers or partners, but not to replace them.

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Holistic Fertility

A Holistic Fertility Doula assists families to build healthy steps for achieving conception and better reproductive health. The Doula provides support, resources and referral services that enhance reproductive health. They work alongside health professionals and consultants to increase health fertility practices.

Price List


Available Now

Discounts are available to low-income families, single moms, surrogates

and folks considering adoption.




45 minute consult via in-person, phone, FaceTime or Google Hangout to review fertility, birthing, and postpartum needs, review services opportunities and connect with a Doula. Fees applied upon the signed service contract. 


Support Saver 2 Hours

Birth Support
Family + Planning
Q & A with Doula


Holistic Fertility Support

One complimentary initial consult via in-person, phone, Facetime or Google Hangouts. Support includes guidance, resources and referral services on nutrition health, managing stress factors, impacts of sex and ovulation, ​decongesting the womb, working & healing through uterine (Womb) trauma, herbs to increase fertility, scaling your fertility practice and more.

5 in-home sessions last one hour each. 

In-person reproductive health coaching sessions.

Phone, email, Facetime/Google Hangout & text message support during care.

Access to an online fertility course. The consultation fee is included in support and care fees.

Discounts available on combined packages of fertility, birth and postpartum support.


Birth Support

Consultation fee included as initial consult via in-person, phone, FaceTime or Google Hangouts
3 In-home prenatal appointments lasting up to two hours each. Access to childbirth education online course.
Assistance with birth planning and facilities tour.
1 Nutritional counseling sessions to best prepare the body for labor (prenatal)
Phone, email, FaceTime & text message support during care
Lactation Support and Resources
Access to knowledge of labor and birth
Attendance and support at labor and birth

1 In-home postpartum visit with resources and referral services


Jai's Birth Support Workshop

Available starting Fall 2020

7 Scheduled group workshops to learn about labor and birth, medical procedures and intervention, comfort measures, prenatal support, nutrition, breastfeeding and more. 

One complimentary initial consult via in-person, phone, FaceTime or Google Hangouts

Access to Prenatal Online Course.

Parent guide and handouts included.

In-person instruction and activities to learn about comfort measures for labor and birth.

Guidance on preparing for your baby including sibling support, partner and additional family dynamics.