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Who We Are

Sweet Milk & Oats aims to create a more culturally responsive workplace for diverse families.

We focus on addressing barriers that impact families' ability to grow and thrive. We partner with local community organizations and businesses to create sustainable policies, practices, and programs that improve families' network of support, human milk feeding rates, and transitions back to the workforce.

These partnerships can help mitigate healthcare costs, improve employee retention and satisfaction, establish goodwill, and have your space lead in providing support for families built beyond policy. Family-centered initiatives such as lactation support programs have seen a 94.2 percent retention rate in employees (in comparison to the 59 percent national average) (Forbes, 2019).

We offer organization consultations to review, recommend, and facilitate policy and practices, assist in designing family-centered workstations, and provide evidence-based education to managers and employees for sustainable practices around a culturally responsive workplace. The Overnight Oats program series is led by a certified Lactation Specialist, Jazzmine Brooks, and is designed to educate employees and their families on evidence-based practices around lactation, infant feeding, and childcare. There are additional opportunities for one-on-one resources and referrals for additional needs. 

"60 percent of new [parents] return to work within 9 months"

2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Consider what you can do for your community or organization to help support long-term infant feeding support that is life-saving to parents and babies. 


Jazzmine Brooks

Certified Lactation Specialist

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